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Visual Field

A Visual Field machine is another very powerful tool. Using patient responses, results are read to monitor glaucoma, macular conditions, test for driving requirements and even detect brain tumours.

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Visual Field

The Visual Field machine is very helpful in measuring a patient’s central and peripheral vision. There are several test strategies that can be used. Depending on what is indicated, each eye can be tested individually (ex: for glaucoma) or they can be tested together (ex: MTO driving standards).

Did you know that certain brain tumours or strokes can also be detected with Visual Field results?

Is this for you?

Testing is indicated for patients with (but not limited to):

  • Glaucoma, or suspected glaucoma
  • Severe headaches
  • Taking certain oral medication (Plaquenil, amiodarone, lithium, ethambutol…)
  • MTO Driving test requirements
  • RCMP or policing requirements

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