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Ocular Products

Red Cedar Optometry is committed to providing the best care to all ages. Offering a curated selection of ocular products to help maintain your best vision and eye health at any age. (These are for everyone, even if you’re not a patient here!)


FogBlocker wipes – stop your glasses from fogging.

An anti-fog solution that is safe for all lens coatings. A single application can last up to 48 hours (great for the winter months too!).

Available in a single Dry Wipe (500+ applications) or a box of 30 Wet Wipes (fast drying and cleans dirt and grease without smearing).

PUR PUR GEL box bottle en 300×210 1These mighty i-Drop PUR preservative free drops are also safe to use for 12 (twelve!) months after opening! (Most other preservative drops have to be used within a month)

At Red Cedar Optometry, we will gladly create an individualized drop schedule for you according to our assessment.


MacuHelath Bottle imageEven with 20/20 vision, sometimes visibility is not as high contrast (black on white) as we would like. Issues in bright or low light, glare or fog can make things like night driving difficult.

If you want to improve your macular health and enhance your visual performance, this is for you!


TheraPearl Eye MaskThis mighty eye mask can be used hot or cold, is reusable and easily washable! Most importantly, it can easily be used by everyone in the family, simply freeze or microwave for cool or heat therapy. Consider picking one up at your next visit!

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