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Job Action


As part of our job action, we will no longer provide OHIP insured eye exams for children, seniors and those with existing eye diseases as of Sept 1st. Find out why below

(If you have an eye emergency, please let us know and we will triage you appropriately)

Ontario is experiencing a crisis in eye care

For more than 30 years, the government has ignored our requests for formal negotiations. Now there is an ever growing gap between inflation and their investment in your eye care.

  • in 1989 - $39.15 for an OHIP insured exam
  • Today - avg of $44.65 per exam

Ontario is the lowest paid in Canada

Ontario has the absolute lowest reimbursement for eye exams in Canada even though the cost of living is one of the highest in the country.

  • Funding would need to increase by more than 60% to reach the next lowest province
  • The Ministry of Health's proposal was equivalent to about an 8% increase!

Why Job Action – What do we want?

A formal negotiation process – we need a commitment from the Government, the
same way they do with other health care sectors like the Ontario Medical
Association – to ensure quality eye care for everyone in Ontario, today and in the

That is all we ask!

To find out more (and for FAQ)

Please visit

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